How to Word Graduation Announcements?


When making a graduation announcement, you want to make it short and concise. Something like 'Come join me as I celebrate the end of my (highschool/undergrad) studies at...(insert place and time)' would be acceptable. You want to have a catchy introduction sentence and then leave the rest very simple and factual.
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1. Open with Congratulations. When you word graduation announcements you should open the announcement with a phrase that says "congratulations". A short quote, poem, and
The family of ___________________would like to announce the graduation from ______________________in Veterinary Medicine on____________2009. Dr.____________plans to practice______
Dear Kathy, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doe,Jr. are pleased to announce that their son, Thomas Doe III
Well let ChaCha know what you need to be said on the graduatio.
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How to Write a Graduation Announcement
A graduation marks an important accomplishment. No matter if someone is graduating from high school, college, law school, medical school or graduate school, it's important to recognize the graduates in your life by writing and sending out graduation... More »
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