How to Ask for a Raise in a Letter?


If you think that you are qualified for a raise you should write a letter requesting one. Don't demand a raise, simply ask politely and explain that you have been working for such and such time. Kindly state that you would like a certain percent added as a raise.
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1. Begin with a formal salutation, greeting your employer by name (i.e. "Dear Mrs. Jacobs" Write a short introductory paragraph explaining that you have enjoyed your time
Explain how you would like to try the existing products and new products and that you are only a limited income, as obviously if you could afford to, you would buy them and not be
For your cover letter, beginning with
Always a sticky subject! But of course asking for pay raise has to begin with a plan. A good strategic plan will be the key to succeed in any form of negotiation. With a well, executable
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