What is a sample letter declining a dinner invitation?


There are several ways to politely decline a dinner invitation According to LifeScript, declining a dinner invitation without uninviting yourself to every event afterward can be a challenge.

There are several aspects to declining a dinner invitation, and some of them hinge on whether you want to attend events hosted by this person in the future. One step is to politely decline by saying something like, "I'm sorry, I already have plans. Maybe next time." This leaves the door open for future invitations without making excuses for why you're not attending this particular dinner.

Responding in a timely manner is important regardless of whether you want to be invited to future events. Especially for things like weddings or parties, most hosts make or order food based on the number of attendees and RSVPs. If you send in your RSVP late, the person may have already spent money for ingredients or food for your plate.

Lying about why you can't attend is never a good idea. By simply saying you have a previous engagement or appointment, there's no excuse and there's no lie for you to be caught in later.

Remember that if you turn down invitations more often than you accept them, people may stop inviting you to events based on that behavior. Including something like "Maybe next time..." or "I'd love to attend next time," is important for letting the host know that declining their invitation isn't a common practice of yours.

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