How do I construct a sample letter for rent reduction?


It's important when requesting a rental reduction from your landlord to include why you are asking to reduce the rent, such as an economical setback, loss of a job, etc. In addition it's important to notate that you have always paid on time and will continue to do so. In addition, make sure to explain that this is a temporary set back and once you are back on your feet and able to pay the initial amount, you will continue to do so.
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Don't use a form letter to tell someone that you can't perform as agreed! Write them a note or better yet call them as quickly as possible and let them know when you will be able
These things are not form letters. You can modify what I wrote or retain local business counsel to draft one. You probably know that the landlord need not comply and can evict. You
Accepted Answer Dear JACUSTOMER - I'm not certain what basis you have to ask for a reduction of the rent but the more pressing problem is the past due rent which can subject you to
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