How to Write a Legal Letter for the Guardianship of a Grandchild?


A sample letter of legal guardianship can be found at the Doc Stoc website. In order to write a legal letter for the guardianship of a grandchild you must have the parent's consent. If the parent is being insubordinate, it may help you get it faster.
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1. Write an introductory paragraph which outlines your concerns regarding your grandchild's existing guardianship. Explain the child's current situation in neutral language and without
From the Employment Office in your area might be a good starting point. If you are a graduate of a para-legal program in your area, your placement office can also help.
If it is not court ordered, it is not a legal document. If you want to obtain legal permanent guardianship, In my state, I contacted the Probate office in my county. I had to fill
If he is listed on the birth certificate you can't give your mom LEGAL guardianship/custody without his permission. You can write a letter that states that your mother has your permission
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