How do I write a letter of recommendation for a friend?


A sample letter of recommendation for a friend is basically a character reference. The writer should let the reader know how long they have known the friend. They will want to focus on their friend's good personality traits and provide concrete examples of how those qualities have affected others around them. Some qualities to focus on could be leadership, compassion, honesty, and communication skills. If the friends have worked together to clean the environment, help out a shelter, or done any other type of community service, it should be included in the letter. The letter should be written in a formal format using addresses, professional speech and three to five paragraphs.
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1. First at top left format your sample letters to include full name to whom you are recommending someone (may begin Mr. or Mrs. title, name of company, institution, etc. and address
Recommendation letter samples can be found on many different websites. Any college preparation websites will have them, but they cannot be copied, only used as inspiration.
Letters of Recommendation. How to Download Sample Letters of Recommendation. Click. Save. and the download proceeds. Try it here or return to. Download Samples. first (the page that
I found some exceptional samples of LOR and SOP in Natalia Lukina's web page. LOR: Sample Letters of Recommendation. SOP: Sample Statements of Purpose.
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