Where can I find sample letters for retirement congratulations?


A sample letter for a retirement congratulations should let the person how you feel about them. You should tell them how much you are going to miss them. A retirement is a big thing in a person's life.
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To: {the person in-charge of human resources) CC: {Your direct boss, your department head} Dear {the person in-charge of human resources) I have enjoyed my time in this company very
There are various samples or templates that can be used in writing a letter of retirement. Tips on How to Write a Retirement Letter Using a Sample Letter or a Template. Your letter
I am looking either on the web or in Microsoft for a template for a resignation letter. Not a short one, because I want to retire when I resign from the company that I work for. Thanks
How to write a retirement letter is not difficult when you have all the information you require. Every soon-to-be retired employee's situation is different and a template or sample
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You can find samples of retirement congratulations letters on many sites, like About.com and those listed below.
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