Sample of Application Letter for Nursing Job?


A sample of an application letter for a position as a nurse must serve as an example of one's professional communication skills. It must be written on a business letter layout. Samples of these may be found at Office Writing.
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Palahanan 2nd, San Juan, Batangas. April 15, 2009. The Administrator. Polymedic Medical Plaza. Kauswagan Highway,Cagayan de Oro City. To Whom It May Concern: I have learned that you
When writing an job application letter you want to have a clear statement of why you want the job and why you would be perfect for it. Also you want to include your contact information
1. State why you want to become a nurse. Be sure to state what has drawn you to nursing. Following in the footsteps of a family member or remembering a nurse who took good care of
1. Begin by adding your contact information at the top. Have your letter developed with a letterhead. This will ensure that the hiring company can reply to you. This should include
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