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A book of acknowledgement is known as a page that usually follows the main text in the book. The book of acknowledgement is where the author of the book acknowledges those that helped them to complete the book and thanks them for all their work. Typically the acknowledgements in the book include family members such as a spouse, children, friends, or even colleagues. To write a sample book of acknowledgement you can follow an online template and personalize it to suit your needs.
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1. Brainstorm a list of "special people. Don't edit yourself. Sit down and write down any and every person that you can think of who helped and/or inspired you during your book
An acknowledgement can be written for many different reasons. A receipt acknowledgement is a brief letter or email you send upon receipt of an important message or documents. A project
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Scribd is popular; it allows you to embed the chapters onto your site too using their technology. Wattpad and DocStoc are also options. Be sure to have your copyright notice written
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