How to Prepare a Church Anniversary Program?


You can borrow sample programs for a church anniversary. You should however, make sure that the program is relevant to your church. Include all the activities that will be included during the anniversary.
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1. Send notices to the church members and even the larger community as early as nine months prior to the event. This allows people to clear their calendars well in advance of the
While it is no easy task to put together a church anniversary program, it can still be an enriching process. Enlist the help of church members and staff as you prepare a time of fun
Celebrating the anniversary of a church community is a special event. Involving the memories and the skills of many congregation members, past and present, can be the foundation of
1. Post announcements in church newsletters and website publications to gather additional choir members who may be "retired" or who have moved away. If the church music
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A sample of church programs show that a program includes a basic list of the services to be provided and the order in which they will be provided. For example, ...
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