Sample Repossession Letter?


A sample of a repossession letter is one written to the creditor and collection agency disputing a repossession, after two years have lapsed, if no file has been claimed. The letter would state when and where the repossession occurred. The recipient should be informed that under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code for the state) and the state's RISA (Reinstallment Sales Act) and MVISA (Motor Vehicle Installment Sales Act) statutes, the repossession was not legit because notice and time was not given. The writer needs to ask for copies of documents, including the resale of the vehicle, and state that if no proof is recieved in two weeks time, the deficiency is not legit and that any further collection or reporting will be in violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).
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Car salesmen don't repo cars.
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