How to Write Sympathy Thank You Notes?


A sample sympathy note is often a rough draft for the final draft that is sent out when a person has passed away. The sympathy note should contain sincere condolences. This should provide comfort to the family during their time of sorrow. 
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1. Think about what to write before actually writing on the cards. According to the Emily Post Institute, "notes of condolence should be acknowledged with a handwritten note.
Most printing companies have samples of their printed products; online sites like Zazzle and Snapfish also have examples of thank you notes and cards.
Just tell them that you thank them for all their concern,prayers and help at a time when you needed it the most.
Hi, I would write" My family and I are truly grateful for the love and support during our time of great loss. Thank you for the flowers, your smile, kind words, and for being
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