How to Write Treasure Hunt Clues?


If you're looking for a fun way to hide a gift, you can use a Treasure Hunt. It is easy to write clues for the Treasure Hunt if you know where you want to end at. By placing your gift in the spot it will be found, you can make clues on separate note cards that lead to different areas around the home.
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1. Choose a location to hide or bury your treasure. Go to the location and write down a description of the treasure's location on your notepaper. 2. Walk slowly to the point at which
- What are treasure hunt clues? Any series of hints that direct the participant to the final destination. An example would be some kind of riddle, that HINTS where to go next, but
CLUE #1 - MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2009 The Spirit's alive! 'Round the city we drive as the
1. A rubber glove from the surgery department. 2. A paper cup from the dining room. 3. An old battery from Maintenance. 4. A telephone listing from the communications department.
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Treasure hunts are a lot of fun, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with clever clues for the hunters. The clues can be riddles or even puzzles. A sample treasure hunt clue might read 'YBBX VA GUR ZNVYOBK.' If you break the code, you will see that the code says 'look in the mailbox.' You can also incorporate books into your hunt, by having them look for a specific word in the book. You just give them the page number, paragraph number, sentence order, and word order.
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To write treasure hunt clues for kids, make sure the clues are challenging but not too hard. Questions need to be written in clear handwriting or typed. Proper ...
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