What is the phone number of the customer service department of Sam's Club Discover?


The Sam's Club Discover login is part of the Sam's Club website. Sam's Club Discover login requires a User ID. Members can activate Sam's Club Discover cards after logging in.
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A person can use their Sam's Club Discover card in Sam's Club and Walmart retailers to make purchases, buy a product and a pay it over time and many more.
1-800-DISCOVER is the number for the Sam's Club Discover
I had to call them and get my rebate. Same with Citibank.
he Sam's Club Discover Card is an excellent way for consumers and business owners to earn the rebate benefits of a Discover Card while shopping at Sam's Club and all locations that
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As of December 2012, the customer service, or member service, phone number for the Sam's Club Discover card is 866-220-0254. If the Sam's Club Discover is a Business credit card, the member service number is 866-220-2760.
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