How to watch DVD on Samsung Flat Panel 2232BW w/ DVI?


its probably not the monitor but the software u r using to play the dvd. easiest way to check this would be to plug the old monitor in and try with that. if it works, then its the screen. if not, then you need to fix your software.
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Toolman6872, Didn't you visit YOUTUBE and see some video clips about "lcd monitor disassembly" and or "lcd monitor repair" ? Let me know if you don't find some
The contrast ratio is 8000:1 2232bw+ vs 3000:1 2232bw. Don't really know if that will make any difference. Samsung website doesn't even mention the 2232bw+.
Although it goes here under the rather modest model name of the SM-2232BW, this screen is actually part of Samsung's 'Pebble' range. We're not exactly sure why the range is called
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