Samsung Remote Codes?


Samsung remote codes are sets of numbers used to sync remotes to other devices, such as TVs and DVD players. There are two different methods to program the remote with a code. The device that needs to be synced should be turned on with the remote and then used to navigate through the menu options until the screen comes up where the code is entered. The code for the remote can be found in the manual that comes with the remote.
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The top 10 codes available for a Samsung TV are: 738, 516, 833, 680, 521, 522, 858, 897, 584, 638.
Universal remote controls can be found at the website of the manufacturer of the remote control. If it is a remote provided by your cable/television company then they should have
1. Review the owner's manual for your specific remote. Taking the time to review the features and controls gets you off to a good start. If you do not have a manual, download yours
I can only find codes for Models: SIR-S60W, SIR-S70-75,
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