Sanborn Air Compressor Company?


Sanborn air compressors are made by Sanborn air Compressor Company. The company produced black max air compressor until 1994 when it was sold to Coleman Powermate and the compressor brand. Coleman Powermate the parent company produces brands like VSP1080424 a Powermate 4 Gallon Air Compressor and VSP0000201 a Powermate 2 gallon mini side stack air compressor combo kit including generators.
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John, In my honest opinion I would go with American Standard. Carrier makes a fine product, however, there are a ton of bells and whistles that not every technician is qualified
Just in case anyone didn't know, you should use non-detergent oil in a splash lubricated compressor. If you use Royal Purple, use their Synfilm Recip. 100, not their motor oil. If
By reviewer on September 15, 2010 at 11:04 AM. 1 star(s) Having done business with CA Air Compressor previously, I called and spoke to Jose yesterday to schedule a repair for
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The Sandborn Air Compressor Company was sold in 1994, and since then information on the company can be pretty difficult to find. Their products however, are still on the market today in many major home and garden department stores.Just recently the company started to form again with better products, and have been said to be ready to go up against the big guys that took them out of business before. Producing quality air compressors that won't break the bank is what they are best known for.
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