Sansui Remote Codes?


A universal remote is a remote control which can operate a wide range of electronics. Different brands have number codes. The TV brand Sansui's codes are 135 and 136.
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0041, 0067, 0000, 0271, 0479 are some codes you can try for a Sansui
A few different DISH Network remote codes that you can try for your Sansui TV & one will program your DISH Network remote to your TV are, 720, 754, 859, or 748.
If code search doesn't work, there isn't one. Sansui is one of those crap brands. Don't expect much.
1. Turn on your Sansui television. 2. Point the Innovage Jumbo remote control at the television and hold down the “Code Search” button until the indicator light turns
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Television codes are useful when connecting the device to a universal remote in order to control the DVD and VCR player, the cable box and more. Sansui TV codes ...
The Zenith remote codes for Dish Network or Echostar should be entered into the decoder. The code for Dish Network is 389. The code for Echostar is 1049 or 0148. ...
A person will be required to have a remote code if they wish to program a universal remote control for their Dynex TV. Dynex is a brand of television that is sold ...
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