How do you purchase a care package for an inmate at the Santa Rita Jail?


The Alameda County Sheriff's Office only allows people to purchase care packages for inmates at Santa Rita Jail through Loved ones of inmates may also send approved items through the mail or deposit money on an inmate's account for use in the jail commissary. The Sheriff's Office keeps the commissary stocked with snacks, drinks, cosmetics, medications and more.

There are very specific guidelines regarding packages sent to inmates in Santa Rita. Per the Alameda County Sheriff's Department rules, inmates are allowed to receive up to six books per day, provided the books are not hardcover and are clearly marked and shipped directly from a bookstore. Publisher-shipped books are the only packages allowed. However, loved ones are permitted to send flat media such as letters, magazines, newspapers and non-Polaroid photos. Inmates are not allowed to receive food, toiletries, cosmetics or other non-paper items through the mail.

Instead, someone outside of the jail must put money on the inmate's account. Santa Rita only accepts cash and money orders for these accounts, according to Shouse California Law Group. Anyone making a cash deposit must show up in person. Money orders may be mailed to the Sheriff's Office and must be clearly labeled with the inmate's name and personal file number, says Shouse California Law Group.

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