How to Buy a Sanyo Camera?


Make sure a Sanyo digital camera is for you. Sanyo specializes in low-end sub-compact cameras. These cameras are great for people who want affordable digital cameras, but not advanced manual features. If you want settings which are not automatic,
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I would say probably around 150 to 200.
Fixing your own camera is NOT a do it yourself project because you don't have the proper tools or the knowledge to fix the problem. It's better to leave the Repairs up to a Professional
SD cards have a slide switch along one edge. The position farthest from the contacts locks the card, protecting it from writes. The position nearest the contacts unlocks the card.
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normally drivers are bundled w/ the OS. ...
you can get a device that you plug your memory card into and plug that into your computer and those are available almost anywhere, (but not likely wal mart, sorry ...
1. Turn on your Sanyo S770 digital camera to "Camera" mode. 2. Press the "Menu" button. Go to "Setup" and press the "OK" ...
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