What Is the TV Code for a Sanyo Television for Direct TV?


The code needed for a Sanyo television working with Direct TV is dependent on what kind of remote you are using. If you are using a Direct TV universal remote, the code is 10154. For other remotes, you can consult your remote's User Manual or Guide to determine what code to use with Direct TV, or use Direct Tv's Remote Code Lookup guide provided on their website. Alternatively, you can use your remote to try and determine the proper code. To do so, simply set the 'mode switch' on your remote to TV, and then press and hold both Mute and Select until you see the red light blink twice. Once you have done this, press '991', and then the code associated with the device you are programming - 1 for TV, 2 for a VCR or DVD, and 3 for Audio devices such as stereos or home theater systems. Then, you can cycle through available codes by using the up or down arrow repeatedly, stopping to press any other button on the remote with an immediate response (such as the power button). Once you have found the code that results in a response, press the select button.
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