Sap Vacuole?


The cell sap vacuole is present in both plant and animal cells. In plants, this organelle functions as a storage of vital substances as well as aids in supporting the plant. Water enters inside the sap vacuole which strengthens the cell and helps with the support.
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Cell sap consists of water and various substances that are often in the form of a colloidal suspension. On the average, cell sap has twice the viscosity of water. In dormant seeds
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in the vacuole ...
Cell sap is a dilute fluid found in the large central vacuole of many plant cells. It is made up of water, amino acids, glucose, and salts. The sap has many functions ...
The largest organelle in plant cells containing the cell sap is the central vacuole. Large central vacuoles frequently found in plant cells allow them to achieve ...
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