Saponification Equation?


Saponification is the process by which homemade soap is made. There is an acid which is the fats or oils, and a base which is the lye. The fatty acids have to attach to glycerides. It is a chemical reaction. An equation to show this reaction consists of chemical compounds and a diagram of triglycerides and glycerin. It is good to know this process when making soap at home. The right balance of acids and bases will yield a perfect final result.
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C3H5(OOCC17H35) + 3NaOH ___________ C3H5(OH)3 + 3C17H35 COONa. oil inorgainc base glycerlo soap.
The equation for saponification (hydrolysis of ester in
The second one, I believe. :)
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Using oleopalmitostearin as a triglyceride is the essential concept in the equations for saponification. From the name, this reaction produces soap. This is usually ...
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