What is Sarah Boone's biography?


Sarah Boone (born Sarah Marshall) was born in Pike County, Miss., in 1837. According to Biography, she was best known for filing a patent detailing revolutionary improvement to a common device: the ironing board. The patent was granted in 1892, 12 years before her death in 1904.

In 1837, Sarah Boone, a female African-American inventor, was born in Summit, Pike County, in the state of Mississippi. Little is known of her childhood, but she married James Boone, a freedman, in 1847 and moved to Craven County, N.C. From this, her only marriage, she sired eight children.

Boone is famous for creating improvements to what would become the modern ironing board. She wanted to make a cost-effective alternative to the standard ironing boards used at the time that were placed between two chairs. Her design contained self-standing legs to hold the wooden board and folded when not in use. The board itself was tapered so that sleeves and more narrow garments were easily pressed without creating unsightly creases.

While her proposed design is different than the modern ironing boards of today's home, Sarah Boone paved the way for efficient and cost-effective designs meant to make household duties easier for all parties involved.

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