Sarah Coventry Vintage Jewelry?


Sarah Coventry jewelry used to be only sold at home parties. Now, it is sold all over, and pieces can be ordered online. This designer's jewelry line is highly collectible. There are brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The jewelry is very affordable, ranging from around $9.00-$30.00. Each piece of jewelry is marked with the Sarah Coventry design logo ensuring that the piece is authentic. The jewelry was considered high fashion at the time it was featured.
Q&A Related to "Sarah Coventry Vintage Jewelry?"
Sarah Coventry is a popular collectible jewelry that was produced by Emmons Jewelry from about 1948 to 1981, when the company declared bankruptcy. Jewelry was sold at home parties
Sarah Coventry was started in 1950 in Newark, New York by Sarah Stuart. It was sold
not a lot unfortunately. Your best bet would be to advertise somewhere, where collectors meet. You might be lucky with a couple of the pieces. Check out ebay or for prices
Hello, . Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. The name Sarah Coventry was first used in November 1949 by the Emmons Home Fashion Company and sold through their home
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