How can one lose weight with Saran Wrap?


Using saran wrap for weight loss is similar to spending time in a steam room or sauna to lose water weight. Wrap the saran around your target area two or three times, taking care that it is not too tight so that your pores are still able to breathe. Continue with daily activity or exercise and remove the wrap when you are finished. If you feel dizzy or the wrap is uncomfortable, remove it immediately.
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1. Wrap Saran Wrap around your arms, waist and thighs. 2. Increase the temperature of the room to at least 75 degrees. 3. March in place for three minutes, then rest for 30 seconds.
Avoid using saran wrap on your arms and calves while
1 Do your research and check out places that offer body wraps in your area that sell body wraps. Do it yourself kits might not be the way to go as they will not get you the results
You can't. You'll loose water weight but tomorrow, you'll get it back.
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