How can you get a current satellite image?


Current satellite images are available from a number of sources, including the United States Geological Survey and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Both organizations maintain regular access to observational and weather satellite technology.

Unfortunately, live satellite imagery is usually in high demand for both military and civilian intelligence, which also makes it highly secure and rarely shared outside of these communities. It is possible to find near real-time images, with as little as a one-hour delay. The reasons behind this delay are debatable, but it often comes down to data processing and upload times. However, there are no current or real-time close-up images available from satellites. Those available through online mapping services are usually compiled from aerophotography and various other cartography sources. These resources are invaluable, but are painstaking to compile and appropriately arrange. Most of these services and companies regularly update their "satellite" images in order to provide the most accurate maps possible, within the confines of a reasonable budget and the technology available at the time. The biggest reason for real-time satellite images being kept secure has to do with individual privacy and the risk of that privacy being breached by anyone with an Internet connection and some spare time.

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You can get one of an address at zillow site. If you need an image of something else, specify.
Google started taking their street view images as early as
Live images would require a camera providing a live feed, and a lot of clever progressing to put this imagery on the map. The live camera requires a geostationary satellite (or a international has satellite images for foreign countries. I don't think they give you a loop like other websites, though.
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