What Is Sauerbraten?


Sauerbraten is a type of pickled sausage. Popular in Germany and around the world, it can be purchased or made at home. It can take over three days just for the flavoring to set in before cooking, though, so make sure you have time to prepare.
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[souuhr-braht-n, sou-er-; German zou-uhr-braht-n]
a pot roast of beef, marinated before cooking in a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and seasonings.
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Sauerbraten is a German dish made of pot roast. It is marinated in before cooking in vinegar,water and spices and seasonings. Sauerbraten is tradionally served with red cabbage, noodles
1. Tie the roast with string if the butcher hasn't already done so. Rub roast with salt and place in a deep glass bowl. 2. Combine the vinegar, sliced onion, two bay leaves, cloves,
sauerbraten: pot roast marinated several days in seasoned vinegar before cooking
Traditionally cooked with horse meat. Now more commonly cooked with beef.
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It`s a very common and popular dish,especially in the south and translates literally as "sour roast". The meat is marinated for several days in vinegar ...
Sauerbraten is a German food that many people really love. This can be made a number of ways depending on how you like to make it. It is beef, onions and carrots ...
The national dish of Germany is sauerbraten (sour roast) whilst the basis of the recipe remains the same, variations occur from region to region. It is made with ...
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