How does one get a scalp burn from a chemical relaxer?


Scalp burns from using a chemical relaxer can occur when the product is not applied properly. The burns occur when the scalp is exposed to a lye or no-lye relaxer for too long. Specific steps should be taken to treat scalp burns caused by chemical relaxers, and they are available at Vissa Studios online.
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1. Sooth scalp burns and irritation by cleansing scalp with a gentle shampoo, and rinsing in lukewarm water. Hair sprays, grease and oils need to be removed as they contain alcohol
IT IS BEST TO TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL HEALER, DERMATOLOGIST. But I think after a 2 year lapse that present problem is unrelated to that treatment. Many people are having severe scalp
You just have to keep the scalp moist. Not with something that's too greasy but
Adding two packets of Sweet 'N Low to the hair color mixture will numb the scalp and stop the color from burning without affecting the color results. This is a very common practice
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The best thing to put on a scalp for chemical burns is cool water or cloth. Since the burn is chemical salves and other treatments might react badly with the chemical ...
Relaxer burns occur when the chemicals that are used to relax hair have been left on too long. If you have burns on your skin from relaxers, you should wash your ...
Applying a petroleum-based oil such as petroleum jelly to the scalp and making sure chemicals do not touch the scalp during application helps prevent burns when ...
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