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Scalp warts pictures show how the warts look on the scalp. They are similar to a cauliflower shape. To get rid of scalp warts you can rub it with a potato wedge. You could also apply apple cider vinegar to it.
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1. Peel one whole potato and slice into eight sectional pieces. Place seven sections of potato into a plastic baggie and store in refrigerator to keep fresh. Be sure to remove the
Pedunculated warts appear on the head and neck, scalp and beard and are
Without seeing the lesion it is difficult to make a diagnosis. However, the most likely growth on the scalp is a seborrheic keratosis. We normally freeze these with liquid nitrogen
One can view pictures of different types of warts by visiting various medical websites online. Websites like, MedicineNet, Patient, and WebMD all have pictures of different types
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A seed wart is another name for plantar wart or common wart. The common wart is usually seen on the hands or the fingers. ...
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