Scandinavian Physical Characteristics?


The physical characteristics of those considered Scandinavian include fair skin. These people have light colored skin. They also have light colored eyes and hair. Hair is often wavy. As far as height, they are on on the tall side. Scandinavians are from countries in Northern Europe. Those who are considered Scandinavian may also be called by their countries name. For example; Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, or Norwegian. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland are all Scandinavian countries.
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Physical characteristics are what people see on the outside and how they identify you. Maybe it's the fact that you are taller or thinner than the average person.. Or your nose is
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Scandinavian and Nordic descendants can be identified through several prominent features. Blond hair is a very common trait. High, angular cheekbones is also a ...
Scandinavians have a fair complexion with light coloured eyes. Majority of them have blond or light coloured hair and are tall with narrow aquiline nose. ...
Different nationalities have different physical characteristics. Physical characteristics are looks and appearances of people. Physical characteristics could be ...
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