How to Use a Frequency Scanner?


When you are using a frequency scanner you have the option of using it in three different modes which are called scan, manual and search mode. The most easiest mode to use is the manual mode which you will just turn on the button or dial and search through the frequencies one at a time.
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Lists of Frequencies for Scanners
Radio waves are used for countless communications each day, with applications ranging from emergency response to personal broadcasts. Radio scanners, also known as police scanners, are able to receive signals on a wide variety of radio frequencies. Radio... More »
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1. Plug in your scanner and turn it on. You will immediately be hit with the sound of static. Adjust the volume accordingly. 2. Begin scanning, using either the "Scan" button
Scanner frequencies differ by city. A large database categorized by state and city can be found at and programmed into your
channel 19 east to west coast west of i-5 in Californian channel 17 east channel15
The listings would be different per the area that you are looking for or live in. My suggestion for a place to start would be They give a general listing for quiet a
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Radio scanner frequencies are determined by location. It will take a local search to figure out the best radio scanner frequencies in your area. While some sites ...
Police scanners frequencies are unique to the county. There are 75 counties in Arkansas. Each has their own set of frequencies for communication. ...
Police scanners are meant to be heard. In order to hear your local radio reference, you must look online for your specific area and community police staff. There ...
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