What is an example of a scapegoat in modern society?


Gaëtan Dugas, more commonly known as Patient Zero, is an example of a modern-day scapegoat. He is known as the cause of AIDS spreading across North America, according to HowStuffWorks. When the disease was relatively unknown, medical investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracked Dugas as the cause of 40 U.S. AIDS cases.

Although Gaëtan Dugas was connected to less than half of the 248 North American AIDS cases, his being blamed for the spread of the disease makes him a scapegoat. A scapegoat is often unfairly blamed for a large, tragic occurrence that could not have been solely his fault or would have happened anyway. Scapegoats are often seen as an easy target for blame due to their racial, economic or sexual class; Dugas was a gay flight attendant in the 1980s with a then rare, virtually unknown disease. His action of ignoring directions for discontinuing his unprotected sex with close to 250 partners a year after being diagnosed made the scapegoating seem justified by some. Although it was noted by health officials that if Dugas had not been the one who spread the disease throughout the continent, there is a high probability that someone else would have done it instead.

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