Scar Tissue after Hysterectomy?


Scar tissue is one issue that can arise after a hysterectomy. Scars can form after many types of surgery. The scar tissue is something that the body makes naturally in its efforts to heal after surgery. These adhesion's can leave the person with pain in the area where the scar tissue has formed. Reopening is the only way for doctors to determine whether or not scar tissue has formed. This however, is something that doctors will want to avoid, as more surgery can result in more scarring.
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1. The first step in minimizing scarring after a hysterectomy, is to get plenty of rest. This seems simple, but it is very important. Not only does your body need rest to heal, over
I have had this procedure, and there is a huge possibility of scar tissue. I had some that was pretty painful at first but I don't even notice it anymore. my knee feels good as new,
Scar tissue replaces normal skin tissue after the skin is damaged.
my cousin has scar tissue after surgery and she says sometimes it hurts when your doing something really active but does get better. Source(s) my cousin is also a doctor.
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