How do I scare away cats?


You can scare away most cats by making loud noises. You can also get a dog to scare cats away from an area. Mothballs are said to be helpful to keep cats away from a garden or other type of area.
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1. Place a several cookie sheets near the edge of the counter, dresser, stove or other place you want to keep the cat away from. Balance them carefully on the edge of the surface,
Milk. Not all cats like milk. Real, solid food would be a lot more appealing to a stray that never gets a proper meal. Cats love turkey - just plain packaged deli slices are fine
Hi, I had the same problem for about three years. A man I met in the local store asked why I was buying moth balls. He suggested I don't use them seem they are toxic and could harm
1. Create a reputation for yourself. This reputation should be something scary. Make sure you have this reputation beforehand so the person will take you more seriously in the following
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How to Scare a Cat Away
Because they are typically free-roaming animals, cats sometimes go where they are not wanted. It may be that your cat is using your garden as a litter box or that a neighbor's cat is inviting itself into your yard and killing the birds that come to your... More »
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