How can you scare owls away?


The best way to keep owls away is to use bird spikes. These can be put where owls perch. If the owls have no place to perch, they will not stay around. You can also scare owls away by placing scarecrows around your property. A motion activated sound device may also work. A strobe type light that is motion activated is another option that may scare the owls away. As the owl goes by the light or sound will turn on and this will frighten the owl.
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1. Secure your livestock. While you work on removing the owls from your property, it is important to make sure that your small fowl and poultry are secured, especially at night when
well,unless you have small animals, keep the owl around, they eat skunks, mice, and any other bothersome creatures.but if you do, then put a wooden owl on your roof or in the tree
Are you testing a story for your fiction writing class? Owls do not follow people, sorry. Perhaps seeking the help of a psychiatrist is in order. Source(s) common sense, plus I got
Seagulls are afraid of owls, because, simply, owls are bigger birds and can eat
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