Scarf Length?


The average length for a scarf for an adult is 48 inches. This is long enough to wrap around the neck and keep the person's neck warm. For super long scarves, the length should be 96 inches.
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1. Install the valance hardware if necessary to enable you to determine your fabric needs. Generally, you should position scarf hooks or valance creators at each upper corner of the
42 inches is a good size for a scarf. Enjoy your day. Use for more
i prefer the longer ones... just because you can do so much more with it. wrap it around, once, twice, three times creating a different look each time :)) Source(s):
I just checked on Amazon, and every scarf is different! I think it depends on the guy, and what he likes. My husband would not, for example, want a long scarf that hangs way down
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A fleece scarf can be easily made by cutting a length of fleece to the length you desire your scarf to be. The ends of fleece do not need to be hemmed so if they ...
The average woman's scarf length can range from as short as 40' which is fairly short to 66' which relatively long. The average length for a man's scarf is generally ...
1. Wrap the Magic Scarf length around your neck with the two ends hanging down the front of the body on each side of the neck. This look works well with coats ...
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