How can you do an SCDC inmate search?


You can do a SCDC inmate search online at the South Carolina Department of Corrections website. You can view the photographs and public information on a specific inmate. You will need the first and last name of the inmate as well as either their SCDC ID or State Identification ID.
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1. Find an online directory to search for prison inmates. Commonly used directories include "The Inmate Locator, "Inmates Plus" and "Ancestor Hunt. 2. Click the
Most states have a Department of Corrections that provides inmate databases that you can search online. Vinelink, which is a victim notification service, also provides inmate searching
If the inmate refuses, he is then ordered by the
Quote: Originally Posted by JUSTDOINME How do i find out what charges and when an inmates release date is? Which county is he/she incarcerated in? Go to the court website for that
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Click here to search for an inmate by name.
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