Scene Girls?


Scene girls often wear skinny jeans. They have black or blond hair with colors in it. Pink is a popular color. They wear long layers in their hair and bangs. Scene girls are not the same as emo girls. Scene girls are not usually unhappy. Scene girls want to be unique, they do not like being like everyone else. Scene girls also accept others who are unique. They believe in everyone doing their own thing and being happy with themselves.
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If you're a Scene girl,
Go back it up
Put your booty in the air and shake ya but
Aww yeah your in need of attention
Now drop that ass like you're in detention... More >>
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1. Start drawing a scene girl by creating a teenage figure. Draw ovals for the head, ribcage, and pelvis. Connect them with a center line that will represent the spine. Move these
1 Have confidence . You may not be a size 0 but who now a day is? it's how you put yourself out there. get confidence and know that you are beautiful no matter if you weigh 100 pounds
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It is very disturbing and graphic. There are in fact a few such very disturbing and graphic scenes, actually. Rape, torture, and physical beatings are depicted on several occasions.
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To be a scene girl, it's mostly about the hair. Hair is usually teased or ratted very high up and to the sides. The hair can be any color with any kid of funky ...
You can be scene no matter what your size. All it requires is the right style. Scene girls typically have short haircuts with long bangs that swoop over one of ...
You can dress like a scene girl by wearing basic black outfits with splashes of neon colors throughout it. Hair is very important, you want to have angled bangs, ...
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