Scents That Repel Cats?


If neighborhood cats are a problem in your yard, there are some scents that you can use to repel the cats. Certain smells will make cats want to leave your yard and move somewhere else. Cats do not like citrus, use items to make the area smell like lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit. You can also plant herbs to repel cats. Lavender is one item they do not like, they also dislike garlic, and Rosemary.
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1. Cover surfaces you want to keep cats off with aluminum foil. If your cat is constantly scratching at a couch, or won't quit leaving a layer of fur on the back of a chair, an easy
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Homemade Cat Scent Repellent
Cats often cause damage to flowerbeds, urinate on lawns and use the areas around homes for a litter box. Keep stray cats or your own cats away from the exterior areas of a home with a cat repellent. The best cat repellent is scent-based. Cats have a... More »
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Enzyme-based odor neutralizer can be sprayed as a cat repellent on outside doors so that cats do not return to refresh their urine spray scent, according to ...
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