How to Remove Schlage Lock Lever Handles?


To remove Schlage lock lever handles you will need to open the door so you are able to access the inside and outside handles. There is a small hole in the lever on the opposite end. Use a paper clip to push in the hole to release the lock and then pull the handle off the stem.
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1. Open the door so that you can access both the inner and outer door handles. 2. Locate the small hole on the attached end of the lever. The hole will be on the collar of the handle
Second or third cant remember which.
After you unscrew the handle and then remove the handles(both sides) the middle should be able to be pushed out. On some doors the rosette has a face plate which needs to be unscrewed
A. This is a common problem. What happens is the little arm the linkage attaches too has broken off or the clip that holds the link to the arm has fallen off or broke. What you can
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