How do you improve school bus safety?


There are many ways to improve bus safety. Adding seat belts to buses is one major improvement for safety.
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1. Run regular safety drills and sessions with the children about bus safety. The children need to understand how to approach a bus stop, how to wait in line and how to embark and
1 Talk to the kids your age on your bus or make a group with the kids of your age or elder. They probably are just as annoyed as you, and doing something will help you tune out the
Full-sized school buses can seat from 59 to 90 passengers. Thanks for asking
Would you believe there are school buses out there with more than 70 students on them? This is a very dangerous situation that certain school districts think they can get away with.
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School Bus Safety Tips for Kids
School buses in the United States are almost eight times safer than passenger cars, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, there are some dangers associated with school buses, particularly when children get on and off... More »
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