How should you give a school captain speech?


If you really want to make an impression, it is important to come up with a unique and moving school captain speech. This speech should not be too serious, but also should not be overly funny either. It is important to write a speech that makes a really good impression on the audience and really grabs their attention. The speech should discuss all of the reasons why you should be voted for to become school captain.
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1. Decide what the topic of the speech will be. It can be something specific or something general. For example, the school captain may wish to commemorate the end of his football
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Personally, since i write speeches a lot, main advice is connect with your audience whether it is teachers or classmates. Dont memorize and rely on that, but make sure you make eye
1 Promise something you can deliver. Always talk to the appropriate staff before saying that you can do something. Instead of saying, "I'll cut back homework and make lunch 15
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School Captain Speech Ideas
School captain is a position found in many schools throughout the British Empire. It is a student-elected position similar to a Student Council or Student Body President in U.S. schools. As a student-elected position, student captains must campaign for... More »
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