How do you build a model of the Great Wall of China?


For a school project on the Great Wall of China, building a model is a great idea. You can make a to-scale model of a segment of the Wall by finding photos and gathering materials. Popsicle sticks can provide the base, then cover with paper mache to create the desired structure. Once dry, use construction paper or acrylic paints to color the model. Place the model on a base that will allow you to display it with or without the countryside represented. A nice touch would be to show children playing on both sides, or armies blocked from each other.
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1. Decide how much of the Great Wall of China you want to recreate and what size you want it to be. The scale ratio you choose will determine how big your model will be. Because the
I just had to update this lol. The last one said:go to china and copy it derr. any, there are many different sites that you can see.
The Wall is built on a ridge line of mountains, so after you have the terrain you can use sugar cubes and paint them to look like bricks.
Sandpaper is cheap, flexible,
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