School Wedgie?


A wedgie occurs when a persons undergarments are forcibly lodged between their buttocks. It is done as a prank or as a form of bullying. Different schools have varied wedgie styles and to check out some of the funniest school wedgies, you can visit sites such as youtube.
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The 'wedgie' has been in school for decades and is pulling the underwear of the victim up high making it extremely uncomfortable for the young man. It is a form of a prank and young
There is no information on the most notorious school for
You give yourself the wedgie, and make other people laugh. It's the only polite way to do it, and it won't get you arrested.
After a while, I got to really appreciate them. It's the kind of thing that nowadays I have to pay for.,,457124,00.html
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In colloquial terms, a wedgie is a prank that is common in school aged children when a person's underwear is pulled up towards and between the buttocks. In other ...
A wedgie is commonly associated with school yard pranks, where the waistband of your underwear is pulled as hard and as high as possible, causing the underwear ...
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