Schrader Valve Thread Size?


The Schrader valve is a valve that is used on every motor vehicle in the world and was patented in 1893 in the United States. The standard Schrader valve thread size is 7.7 mm OD with a 0.794 pitch. This type of valve consists of a valve stem and has a threaded valve core. This type of valve is also used on wide rimmed bicycle ties. There are other types of valves made by Schrader that are used on air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
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Try a hardware or plumbing store.
The inlets to the combo, from the master are: Front: 1/2"-20 Rear: 7/16"-24 The outlets from the combo to the brakes are: Front: 3/8"-24 (two places) Rear: ?? I never
5/ 16s X 18 Do not attempt to retread either the valve stem or the Shrader valve as it will fail at the most inopportune time.
¼" o.d. or better 6mm. It's Schroeder by the way!
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