How do I choose a Schrader wood burning stove?


Install a Wood Burning Stove like a Schrader stove, consult with the insurance organisation before installing the stove to ensure coverage of damages made by the installed stove. Choose a stove that is the right size. Install your wood burning stove following instructions on the manual. After installation, provide adequate clearance from any combustible surface and keep your stove clean.
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Your stove pipe should be installed at least 18 inches from the wall connected to an approved chimney. Flooring that is non-combustible should be used also. You can find more information
1. Locate the catalytic combustor. It is located between the fire and the stove pipe. It should be inspected for ash that has accumulated from the burning wood. Remove the combustor
take the wood and u put it on fire!
1. Consider your heating needs by evaluating the size of your home. You will need to determine the heat load necessary to maintain the square footage of the area you want heated.
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