Science Exit Projects for 8th Grade?


A good science exit project for students in the 8th grade would be something in the area of renewable energy project. One would be: the effect of blade, pitch and design on electricity produced by a turbine. Make a turbine with three, four, or five blades. Pitch them at 10 degrees, 20 degrees, and 30 degrees inwards.
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I recently judged a middle school science fair and there were some interesting projects. Instead of explaining the projects, I'll do you one better! I'll list the hypothesis's that
1. Come up with an experiment by brainstorming science-related questions you might like to answer. An example is, "How does time affect memory? Determine if you can complete
Can you please give a little more information on what constitutes a "science exit project 8th grade"? I have no idea what your parameters might be. Do you have to do independent
A fantastic Science Fair idea is to answer the question, "Is it safe to
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A good idea for an Earth Science Exit Project for 8th grade would be demonstrating air pressure using eggs and a bottle and how the air pressure will get the egg ...
A good 8th grade science project exit idea would be one that interests the student and reflects something they learned over the year. They should choose a topic ...
8th grade level science projects can be overwhelming in some cases. The Internet offers a wide variety of ideas for 8th grade level science projects, some simple ...
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