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Investigatory science projects are the same thing as experimental science projects. The require a controlled experiments of some type and observations using the scientific method. The library has many good books on these kinds of experiments for all ages.
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s.i.p. is an invention and you should use yiur skills in doing it.
An investigatory project should include: (1) Abstract (2) Research Paper and (3) Visual Display. The abstract for the project should specify the purpose of the experiment, procedures
1. Watch the project closely for any signs of wrongdoing or honest mistakes. Lazy or inept investigators may often be the culprit just as often as something sinister. 2. Question
I assume that you're doing this for school, for a science class. We're at the time of the term when teachers are covering the scientific method, the basis of all scientific learning
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Ideas for Science Investigatory Projects
Scientific investigation is the process of observing and identifying the development of science as it relates to organisms, energy and chemicals. According to, a website that explores the philosophy of science, "most scientific... More »
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A science investigatory project is a project in which a group of students learn different physical and chemical phenomenon through different research methods. ...
There are countless different investigatory science experiments suited to a second year high school student. The best choice depends on the student's scientific ...
An investigatory project is a project that tries to find the answer to a question by using the scientific method. According to, science-fair projects ...
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