What is the science of basketball?


Studies have shown that there is a mechanical science behind the art of being a skilled basketball player. The perfect shot does require practice and training, but it also requires science. Larry Silverberg, a mechanical engineer at North Carolina State University has determine that if a basketball player launches the basketball with a 52 degree angle, aims approximately 2.5 inches from the center of the hoop towards the back of the rim that the basketball will score a point nearly every time.
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How Science Relate To Basketball January 13,2009 When you bounce the ball you are creating kinetic energy or when you toss the ball you are also transfering kinetic energy from your
I think a fun title for a basketball themed science fair project might
Since a basketball is full of gas, it would be a good subject for experiments related to the behavior of gases. One possibility would be relating the pressure of the gas in the basketball
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